Podcast 39 – To Ojo Taylor, with love.

Over the course of the last two podcasts we have talked about the music that inspired us as young believers. Bands such as Undercover, the Seventy Sevens, Petra, Andy McCarroll & Moral Support, One Bad Pig and Altar Boys were pivotal in the development of our faith and our world view. But as all things in life, change is inevitable. Times change, people change, circumstances change… only God stays the same.
We discuss the revelation that one of our heroes, Ojo Taylor, founding member of our favorite band Undercover, has renounced his faith. Honestly, I halfway wish this was a video podcast so you could have seen what I saw as we recorded and discussed. The hurt and disappointment on Rich’s face was apparent, but even more so his sincere love for Ojo. Ojo Taylor and Undercover were like spiritual big brothers to both Rich and I, an anchor through our turbulent Junior High School years. Now we are faced with the horrible realization that, for Ojo at least, that anchor didn’t hold. We don’t despair completely, for no one is truly beyond the reach of our loving Savior.

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Podcast 37 – The music of our lives

This week we talk all about the music that shaped and influenced our time as young believers. We play and discuss 11 songs during the podcast with one bonus track after the close.

Seventy Sevens – Do It For Love
Seventy Sevens – I Can’t Get Over It
Seventy Sevens – Another Nail
Seventy Sevens – Renaissance Man
Petra – Chameleon
Petra – Clean
Petra – It Is Finished
Petra – Disciple
Undercover – I Love God
Undercover – I’m Just A Man
Undercover – Darkest Hour

Here is a photo of the turntable that we mention in the podcast. Now of course it is clad with a super awesome Squire slip mat Rich brought me from Scotland, but other than that it is totally original.

Then after the podcast we play
Undercover – God Rules
God Rules is just a bit longer than 1 minute but was very powerful. I still remember seeing them live at the old Calvary Chapel on Indiana. That concert was pivotal for me.

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