Podcast 38 – More Music of Our Lives

We had such a good time last podcast that we just had to do another music show. Plus Steven really wanted us to. :) So Steven, here is our Christian Punk episode. And the good news is that there are actually 7 tracks instead of the 6 we thought we had done. Time flies when you are having fun and this episode went by so quickly for us that we miscounted.

1. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support – Sin
2. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support – I Am Human
3. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support – King Man
4. One Bad Pig – I’m Not Getting Any Older
5. One Bad Pig – Isaiah 6
6. Altar Boys – Where’s The New World
7. Altar Boys – World Burning

And the Don’t Blame Jesus Official Ringtone™ is also available for download. You’ll probably have to right click on the link and choose Save Linked File As” or your platform version of that. If you need us to text it to you just send us an email containing your cell number and a request to show at dont blame jesus dot com, no spaces using the appropriate punctuation.


One Bad Pig on Amazon —

Andy McCarroll and Moral Support ranked 33rd —

Altar Boys — Against the Grain (Where’s the New World?)

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Podcast 18 – Political Un-correctness and other Unpatriotic Thought Crimes

This week is a total downer.  Rich and I talk about the new Department of Homeland Security Report.  With the broadest of strokes the DHS has attempted to paint all conservative American citizens as whacked out right-wing extremists.  As you know there are whack jobs in every corner of the world, but this report crosses the line by associating their unorthodox views with the majority of good American citizens.  Not cool.  This is an assault on freedom of speech and ultimately an assault on the freedom of thought in the US.  We are hoping for better things from America.

We also talk about Steve Taylor’s ground breaking song and video titled “I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good.”  Although this 80’s music video is obviously satire, Rich and I both feel that the DHS should travel back in time and retroactively arrest Steve Taylor for this thought crime.  Bombing and clinics is not a joking matter… just try saying that in an airport. :)

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