Happy Easter from Don’t Blame Jesus

I was watching a European soccer match featuring Manchester United and the head announcer says something like, “and they won’t be playing next weekend because the skipper wants to get his Easter eggs.”  Eggs?!  I guess some people really don’t pay attention to what Easter is all about.  I am certain that it is our mission at DontBlameJesus.com to help explain what is so different about Christianity and why we make a big fuss about Easter in the first place… it is Jesus.  It was the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah that has saved us from sin and Hell and has reopened our fellowship with God.

Our friends over at GodStuffExplained have made a great video explaining the basic message of Easter and why it really is ‘Good News.’  Happy Easter!

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Podcast 34 – Behemoth & the Gospel

My son Graham had a special request. He has a bearded dragon named Behemoth. The name was taken from the book of Job. He wanted podcast on that passage and he wanted it put on CD so that he could listen to it again and again. So I took it on as a challenge, and Ken and I shared with him as well what he needed to know about life and the good news of Christ as well. It is a great gospel message and takes the gospel back to its roots. It is not just for Graham but for everyone. I hope that it challenges you and encourages you.

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Podcast 29 – Jesus asleep in your boat.

Today Rich and I discuss the passage in Luke Chapter 8 starting in verse 22 where Jesus and his disciples are crossing the sea of Galilee in a boat when Jesus lies down to take a nap and a storm suddenly comes up.  As the disciples began to freak out it becomes a wonderful illustration for us on how we are to trust Christ when the storms rage in our own lives.  After recording this podcast I was encouraged and Rich and I hope that you will be encouraged as well.

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Podcast 24 – The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

Today Rich starts reading in 1 Chronicles 11:45 where we talk about ancient walled cities and the highly fortified gates that were an important strategic defense.  Then we go to Matthew 16:13-17 where Jesus tells us that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the church.  This is a passionate and exciting study of our role as conquerors against the kingdom of darkness.

If you thought you had no chance of winning a CD from Just Plain Darin, so did everyone else.  Apparently everyone overestimated our popularity of the show and thought they had no chance to win.  Well guess what, there are still 4 CD’s left!!  Unbelievable, I know!  Send your name and mailing address to show (at) dontblamejesus (dot) com and we’ll send one out to you.

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