Podcast 34 – Behemoth & the Gospel

My son Graham had a special request. He has a bearded dragon named Behemoth. The name was taken from the book of Job. He wanted podcast on that passage and he wanted it put on CD so that he could listen to it again and again. So I took it on as a challenge, and Ken and I shared with him as well what he needed to know about life and the good news of Christ as well. It is a great gospel message and takes the gospel back to its roots. It is not just for Graham but for everyone. I hope that it challenges you and encourages you.

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Podcast 32 – 1 Corinthians 15, Death and Hope

Do you have friends and family members with serious life threatening medical conditions? Have you thought about your own frailty and mortality? Ken and I look at some verses to give us hope. My father-in-law is in Intensive Care right now and it has been life and death for the last few days. That, and with Easter, looking at Christ’s Death and Resurrection really got me thinking. As always, I hope this encourages and challenges you.


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Podcast 31 – Mark 5 – The Horrible Episode

Ken and I can’t decide on a title.  Deals with a guy having a horrible life.  Jesus redeems the guy’s life.  There is a woman with a horrible medical issue for 12 years, that Jesus sorts out.  There is a dad having the most horrible day of his life when Jesus meets him there.  Have you had a horrible week or month?  This might be just the ticket for you.

You don’t have to have a horrible time to enjoy this podcast though.  LOL.  Take care my friends, I hope that it encourages you.

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Podcast 16 – Violence and Hope

This week starts on a kind of sad note as I briefly talk about the rash of shootings that have taken place across this country and the world the last few months.  I feel a particular pain for the family of Pastor Fred Winters who was shoot to death while preaching from the pulpit.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the congregation in Maryville, his family and the whole town.  I pray that God’s overwhelming grace and peace would move with healing for that city.  I look at Galatians 6:9 which encourages us to not grow weary but continue in doing good .  Don’t give up my brothers and sisters.

Rich then takes us through 2 Thessalonians chapter 1 verses 11 & 12.  A superficial reading simply doesn’t do this scripture justice.  Rich peels back the layers and shows God’s amazing grace and love for us.  It is amazing how much meaning and theology is packed into these two verses.

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