Update from Rich

Life is moving along at an unstoppable pace. Ken has taken over a previous business that he worked for, and he and his wife have been swamped. Unfortunately our schedules haven’t really gelled together.

We do want to get some podcasts done and have ideas.

But with that said, I think that I at least need to start putting in some more blog time.

A couple of things that I am happy about:
1. I will get to team teach the book of Ephesians at church in November and December. That will be my first time to teach in church in over 2 years.

2. I found some more great Christian Rock out of Europe. Here is a link to Eternity by the Swedish band Harmony.

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Podcast 34 – Behemoth & the Gospel

My son Graham had a special request. He has a bearded dragon named Behemoth. The name was taken from the book of Job. He wanted podcast on that passage and he wanted it put on CD so that he could listen to it again and again. So I took it on as a challenge, and Ken and I shared with him as well what he needed to know about life and the good news of Christ as well. It is a great gospel message and takes the gospel back to its roots. It is not just for Graham but for everyone. I hope that it challenges you and encourages you.

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Podcast 33 – What… bear your cross?

One of my friends requested that Ken and I do a podcast on what it means to bear your cross. It has been a while in the making. But I believe that it will be worth it. It will definitely give you hope.

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Podcast 32 – 1 Corinthians 15, Death and Hope

Do you have friends and family members with serious life threatening medical conditions? Have you thought about your own frailty and mortality? Ken and I look at some verses to give us hope. My father-in-law is in Intensive Care right now and it has been life and death for the last few days. That, and with Easter, looking at Christ’s Death and Resurrection really got me thinking. As always, I hope this encourages and challenges you.


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Podcast 31 – Mark 5 – The Horrible Episode

Ken and I can’t decide on a title.  Deals with a guy having a horrible life.  Jesus redeems the guy’s life.  There is a woman with a horrible medical issue for 12 years, that Jesus sorts out.  There is a dad having the most horrible day of his life when Jesus meets him there.  Have you had a horrible week or month?  This might be just the ticket for you.

You don’t have to have a horrible time to enjoy this podcast though.  LOL.  Take care my friends, I hope that it encourages you.

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Podcast 30 – The Struggleicious™ Episode

Today Rich and I finally launch another podcast.  After missing all of January we are finally back.  So sorry for the long delay.

Today Rich gives us a look into the book of Mark, chapter 2.  We discuss the healing of the paralyzed man, Jesus’ call of Levi (Matthew) the tax collector, fasting and the sabbath.  I think he coins a new term, struggleicious.  Hmmmm… I like it.

We hope you enjoy this episode.  Please feel free to post your comments or questions.

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A whole new year needs a whole new look.

As you can see the new year has brought us a brand new look.  I hope you like it.

With Winter comes a slow down in projects and a little more free time.  Although it isn’t always fun to be involuntarily idle, this break proved to be just enough time to do what I have always wished I could have done with the site.  It got me thinking about how often I miss opportunities because I am just too busy with other things.  I have a tendency to just keep doing what is right in front of me instead of looking up and seeing what else could be more beneficial.  I am praying that God will change my heart and mind to see the opportunities He has put in front of me and give me the courage to act upon them.  I hope this New Year brings a similar renewal in your life as well.

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Previously I mentioned Spire Comics — Got a Link!


I mentioned some of these before.  Spire Comics are Christian comic books from the 70s.  Available are some biographical ones like Hiding Place and God’s Smuggler. Not every comic has been converted to .pdf. But some of them have, and you can download them for free. Enjoy.


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Podcast 29 – Jesus asleep in your boat.

Today Rich and I discuss the passage in Luke Chapter 8 starting in verse 22 where Jesus and his disciples are crossing the sea of Galilee in a boat when Jesus lies down to take a nap and a storm suddenly comes up.  As the disciples began to freak out it becomes a wonderful illustration for us on how we are to trust Christ when the storms rage in our own lives.  After recording this podcast I was encouraged and Rich and I hope that you will be encouraged as well.

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Video Contest Submission

Hey everyone.  I have put together a promo video for C-Thru Music for a contest they are having to promote their amazing Harmonic Table keyboard instruments.  It is a popularity contest so if you are willing and have the time I would appreciate it if you would view my video.  Heck, watch it twice… ten times… every day.  Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

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