Podcast 43 – Ephesians 4

Today Rich and I talk through Ephesians 4.  This is a passage that is far easier to read than it is to actually put into practice.  It is, however, a way of living out the Christian life that is revolutionary and quite possibly world changing.  Were every professing Christian to put this passage into practice there would be absolute harmony in the Body of Christ.  If we could just subordinate our personal preferences for the good of the body, there is no telling how effective we could be in sharing the Gospel with a lost and dying world.


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Podcast 42 – Damian Kyle – Grieving The Holy Spirit

This podcast is very different from what we normally do.  It is a rebroadcast of a sermon by Calvary Chapel Pastor Damian Kyle from the late 80’s.  Rich was lucky enough to be in attendance when this sermon was preached.  It was and continues to be a formative event in his life, a constant admonition to live the life we are called to live.  Rich’s hope, and mine, is that you would be as impacted by these words as he has been.

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Podcast 41 – The Huntress, In The Night

This week we try out some new recording hardware.  It is our hope that this new gear will make it easier for us to podcast and thus increase our frequency.  Please forgive the rustling paper on the table top, we didn’t have any monitors so we didn’t know about it till after we were done.

Anyway, on with the show.  This week…Rich introduces us to The Huntress by The Echoing Green and In The Night by 4-4-1. Then we look at Proverbs and the wise words of Solomon that inspired the lyrics. (Both songs are available on iTunes)

We talk about what the lyrics and verses mean, especially right here and now.

Hope that it encourages and challenges you.

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Podcast 40 – Marriage; Why Robertson gets it wrong

Pat Robertson is just a man.  People sometimes get things completely wrong.  Pat Robertson is completely wrong in the comments he recently about marriage.

Even ABC grabbed his words and deals with the issue even better than he did.

We wanted to speak of marriage because it is much more than hormones, it is about commitment and the action of love.  Love is far more than a feeling, it is a choice to do and to be.  Join us as we work through these surprising comments from Pat Robertson.

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Podcast 39 – To Ojo Taylor, with love.

Over the course of the last two podcasts we have talked about the music that inspired us as young believers. Bands such as Undercover, the Seventy Sevens, Petra, Andy McCarroll & Moral Support, One Bad Pig and Altar Boys were pivotal in the development of our faith and our world view. But as all things in life, change is inevitable. Times change, people change, circumstances change… only God stays the same.
We discuss the revelation that one of our heroes, Ojo Taylor, founding member of our favorite band Undercover, has renounced his faith. Honestly, I halfway wish this was a video podcast so you could have seen what I saw as we recorded and discussed. The hurt and disappointment on Rich’s face was apparent, but even more so his sincere love for Ojo. Ojo Taylor and Undercover were like spiritual big brothers to both Rich and I, an anchor through our turbulent Junior High School years. Now we are faced with the horrible realization that, for Ojo at least, that anchor didn’t hold. We don’t despair completely, for no one is truly beyond the reach of our loving Savior.

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Podcast 38 – More Music of Our Lives

We had such a good time last podcast that we just had to do another music show. Plus Steven really wanted us to. :) So Steven, here is our Christian Punk episode. And the good news is that there are actually 7 tracks instead of the 6 we thought we had done. Time flies when you are having fun and this episode went by so quickly for us that we miscounted.

1. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support – Sin
2. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support – I Am Human
3. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support – King Man
4. One Bad Pig – I’m Not Getting Any Older
5. One Bad Pig – Isaiah 6
6. Altar Boys – Where’s The New World
7. Altar Boys – World Burning

And the Don’t Blame Jesus Official Ringtone™ is also available for download. You’ll probably have to right click on the link and choose Save Linked File As” or your platform version of that. If you need us to text it to you just send us an email containing your cell number and a request to show at dont blame jesus dot com, no spaces using the appropriate punctuation.


One Bad Pig on Amazon —

Andy McCarroll and Moral Support ranked 33rd —

Altar Boys — Against the Grain (Where’s the New World?)

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Podcast 37 – The music of our lives

This week we talk all about the music that shaped and influenced our time as young believers. We play and discuss 11 songs during the podcast with one bonus track after the close.

Seventy Sevens – Do It For Love
Seventy Sevens – I Can’t Get Over It
Seventy Sevens – Another Nail
Seventy Sevens – Renaissance Man
Petra – Chameleon
Petra – Clean
Petra – It Is Finished
Petra – Disciple
Undercover – I Love God
Undercover – I’m Just A Man
Undercover – Darkest Hour

Here is a photo of the turntable that we mention in the podcast. Now of course it is clad with a super awesome Squire slip mat Rich brought me from Scotland, but other than that it is totally original.

Then after the podcast we play
Undercover – God Rules
God Rules is just a bit longer than 1 minute but was very powerful. I still remember seeing them live at the old Calvary Chapel on Indiana. That concert was pivotal for me.

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Podcast 36 – Not giving up, Not giving in!

Grrrr! You know how it is. Things can be pretty tough and life can want to kick the faith and hope right out of you. So today we wrestled with those kinds of difficult issues and shared about what helps up when we are losing hope or feeling distant.

Part way through the podcast I mention a story about a man who was born without limbs. Here is a link with information and videos. You will be blessed. He is a great international speaker and very inspirational.

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Podcast 35 – Ephesians 4

Ken and I finally got back into the studio. I have recently been teaching through the book of Ephesians at church. Anyway, Ken thinks this one is a good one. I don’t want to give too much away. Hopefully it challenges and encourages you and your day and week are better because of it.


(Editor’s note: so I numbered the podcast wrong, as a second Number 34. Now it is fixed, a real number 35 podcast. Sorry for the mixup.)

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Podcast 34 – Behemoth & the Gospel

My son Graham had a special request. He has a bearded dragon named Behemoth. The name was taken from the book of Job. He wanted podcast on that passage and he wanted it put on CD so that he could listen to it again and again. So I took it on as a challenge, and Ken and I shared with him as well what he needed to know about life and the good news of Christ as well. It is a great gospel message and takes the gospel back to its roots. It is not just for Graham but for everyone. I hope that it challenges you and encourages you.

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