Think I am going to explode! (NOT LITERALLY)

I will be writing it down and sharing more over the next few weeks, but at the moment I am going through and reading the book of Jeremiah. When I see the disarray that Israel had fallen into and the judgement that was coming upon them, I can’t help but think about our country, the US of A. It seems like we are determined to turn out backs on God and run away as fast as we can, as if He couldn’t see us. He is saying “I still see you.”

I just need an outlet to get these thoughts out, and as I post them for Ken and others to look at and we should be able to better formulate them into a coherent podcast.

I have been listening a lot of POD’s “Murdered Love.” If you have not heard that yet, I highly recommend it. My son recently had gotten mad into guitars, and guitar music and he and I would agree that is one of our favorite albums.

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