Podcast 33 – What… bear your cross?

One of my friends requested that Ken and I do a podcast on what it means to bear your cross. It has been a while in the making. But I believe that it will be worth it. It will definitely give you hope.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 33 – What… bear your cross?”

  1. From my own experience, bearing the cross of chronic illness is definitely hard but it also bears many surprising fruits. I have learned patience, with myself and others. I have been granted many blessings from friends and family members. I have discovered who really loves me, and been given the blessings of their emotional support, understanding, acceptance, and the occassional kick in the patoot when needed. It has found me many new friends, granted me peace by allowing me to share my experiences, and an empathetic understanding of others who struggle. It has made me consider what is truly important and to value it. These blessings and lessons I would not trade for the world. Thank you both for going over this topic. Well done.

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