Podcast 32 – 1 Corinthians 15, Death and Hope

Do you have friends and family members with serious life threatening medical conditions? Have you thought about your own frailty and mortality? Ken and I look at some verses to give us hope. My father-in-law is in Intensive Care right now and it has been life and death for the last few days. That, and with Easter, looking at Christ’s Death and Resurrection really got me thinking. As always, I hope this encourages and challenges you.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast 32 – 1 Corinthians 15, Death and Hope”

  1. Seems almost everyone Im close to has some kind of severe illness, that includes myself. Like have known you Richard since I was released from prison 2005,seems atleast in my case, 95% of people Ive ment have some kind of medical problems witch cause family, and freinds to act according to person. We as humans have by chance put our lives in pairiel and are suffering; WHY? Could this be that of Evil we have allowed to take control of our lives,and now we all pay the price in Goverment running our lives and we eat what ever we find in stores and med.s for whatever problems Doctors say we have !!! You know this to be fact, will put nothing out here. I have let Doctors put me on med.s most likely didnt need; also many freinds who have died or have more problems because of not beleiveing in the Our Lord. Should of never strayed from our Lord as Adam did. Since I have becme a Christon and learned to stand on my own, with God in my corner, asked more questions abbout my health and med.s I was on, other than a herneia that has started to pop out of belley button, have gotten off 3 different med.s and I feel much better. A human must get back to basics in our life,and Get Closer To Our Lord Jesus, remember our familys,those close to us ,church or find one!! We as humans HAVE LOST OUR WAY,Jesus please help the few show the world the right PATH towalk!! Richard, most likely run off at the mouth to much ,but this world and most in it has strayed so far off coarse ,can we come back??? Thanks and Praise ths Lord for my time on earth!

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