Podcast 30 – The Struggleicious™ Episode

Today Rich and I finally launch another podcast.  After missing all of January we are finally back.  So sorry for the long delay.

Today Rich gives us a look into the book of Mark, chapter 2.  We discuss the healing of the paralyzed man, Jesus’ call of Levi (Matthew) the tax collector, fasting and the sabbath.  I think he coins a new term, struggleicious.  Hmmmm… I like it.

We hope you enjoy this episode.  Please feel free to post your comments or questions.

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1 thought on “Podcast 30 – The Struggleicious™ Episode”

  1. Another good show guys. It is funny I was just discussing Jesus healing on the Sabbath yesterday with a customer. I am glad to have you back a well, was missing your voices.

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