Wow! Thank God for the Finnish!

Ken and I are into music. The song that leads in and out of the Don’t Blame Jesus episodes is actually a worship song called “King Jesus” that Ken wrote.

So anyway, Ken was recently me showing a Christian Eurotrance band called “G-Powered” that comes out of Finland. Just beautiful. “With You” by G-Powered

And while I was looking around on youtube for other Finnish Gospel music, I came across two songs by a band called “HB” that I had to share. Got to love some good Christian Finnish Metal

It amazes me that so many of “Christian” bands in the States seem to be saying less and less with their lyrics. I am glad to see that bands out there in other countries are proclaiming the good news boldly.

First HB video here is “It Is Time.” Challenging people to take advantage of the Gospel offered to them right now!

I have included the lyrics to this second song below. Wow!

HB “God Has All Glory”

When I was reborn, you gave your sign to me. The cross was the way and it says you’ll be with me… Day after day. I Heard you calling and felt that I had to seek you! And I finally realized. That your ways are so much higher than mine.

You know everything. Your wisdom and power exceeds all limits

God has all glory, power and honour! He came to save us. He gave His life for us! God has all glory, power and honour! He conquered death and brought us salvation.

You forgave all the things that were sin against You. It was so outstanding – my dark heart is so clean – You love me so! Now I want to serve you. Whatever You want, I will do. You have all the power thats why I can trust in You. Jesus. My Lord!

My life belongs to you, you promised to lead me and never leave me.


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3 thoughts on “Wow! Thank God for the Finnish!”

  1. Wow, Richard knows my music taste and seems to have found what I like again. It is wild to see and hear what is going on in other parts of the world musically. I did not care for the vocals on the third song although it was a great message. The second was awesome. Thanks guys, now I have something else to start listening to.

  2. Is God Has All Glory live in Finnish with Orchestra. I think that it would be a lot of fun to see them in concert. I would want to see them in an English speaking country so that they would introduce and sing the songs so that I could understand it. It guess that it is just too bad that I don’t know Finnish. Would you believe that was not offered at my High School?

  3. Wow!

    And a big hello from Finland! So awesome (and rare) to find stuff about finnish Gospel bands outside Finland! I have 2 albums from the band HB and have seen them live twice. Too bad for you some of their material is in finnish, although you can still enjoy the universal language of music. If you are interested in finnish Christian bands you should definitely check out Their label, Bull Roser records and maanalainenlevykauppa (underground recordstore). We have some great bands spreading the Gospel to all who will listen.

    God bless you!

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