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So I guess this Facebook thing is going to catch on after all… :)  Being cutting edge as we are, Rich has created a Facebook Group called Friends of  Cool, thanks Rich.  Now you can easily share DBJ with your friends on Facebook and invite them to join the group.  Join the conversation on Facebook.  See you there.

Hey, first of all, I want to thank you guys being part of this.  I know that what we are doing with the podcasts has been life changing, and that is EXCITING.  Sometimes it helps to hear God’s Word from a friendly voice who seems to understand what we are going through.

There will be a lot more podcasts to come.

With that said, only Stephen Hawker has taken advantage so far of our free CD offer.  If you want to get a free CD of Darren Hildebrand’s “Brand New Day” CD, that was featured behind us talking about it, on Episode 23, you can get it, by emailing Ken at show(at)dontblamejesus(dot)com.  Obviously you know what to do with at and dot.

One story that I wanted to share.  One of our friend called me and went to tell me that he about fell off his yard tractor while listening to the episode 14 podcast.  The message had to do with mix and match faith not working, and gave some examples of mix and matching of lifestyles and points of view that didn’t work as well.

Hey, if you have a favorite podcast, or a certain part of one, please let us know.  Maybe we could have some discussion, or you might find that others are reacting to it the same way that you are.

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