Altar Boys — When You’re A Rebel

Cool, I guess that I did learn from Ken how to embed video.  Altar Boys is one of my favorites.  I bought this album when I was a senior in High School and was visiting Multnomah Bible College for preview weekend.

The ministry of Altar Boys helped me in my faith.  I go back and listen to them again and again, when I feel like I am losing some of my passion.

A friend of mine from Multnomah named Brian, is the skater with the white shirt in the video.

I was also involved with ministry to skateboarders when I was there.  Altar Boys came and played at Skatecamp that summer.

Earlier I posted some Altar Boys lyrics and Stephen was saying that it was cool, but not as cool as “When You’re A Rebel”.  So this is for you buddy!  Hope you all enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Altar Boys — When You’re A Rebel”

  1. Rich, you know I love this song. Cool message and great sound but this video is the cheesiest I have ever seen. I will forever see this vid in my head as I listen to the song. ARGHHH!

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