That hole in the heart

It was interesting, about a year ago, I was checking out lists on Amazon, and there was this goofy list of “songs that always make me cry.” Just curious, I wanted to see what songs were listed. Then I came across this song that I had never heard of called, “Never Went To Church” by The Streets. The Streets is a English rapper. Not that I am really into rap, but wanted to give this a listen. He talks about how his dad died, and he is faced with an emptiness. That even though he was never brought up going to church, he knew that there was something that he was missing.

Interesting as well, I don’t know if any of you are fans of the show “Numb3rs”, but one of the lead characters is faced with his own emptiness in life that he can’t sort out on his own, and the last scene of the latest episode he walks into a synagogue to go to God to deal with that emptiness.

Pascal, the famous french philosopher, math expert, and theologian (Who the computer language Pascal was named after) said, “In every man, there is a God shaped vacuum.” Vacuum, void or hole, but you know the feeling.

C.S. Lewis wrote something similar. Paraphrased by me “Since I have tried everything, and nothing satsifies in this world, So I come to understand that I was made for somewhere else.” That somewhere else is heaven.

Pascal also wrote “Between heaven and hell, there is only life half-way, which is the fragilest thing in the world.”

Maybe you have experienced this half-way kind of life. It seems like something is missing. Nothing seems to be cracked up to what it is supposed to be. You finally arrive at the top of the heap, and the satisfaction that you thought would be there isn’t, and you are empty still.

Jesus promises something else. In John 10:10, which you have heard me quote before, Jesus says, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come that they might have life, and that abundantly.”

The abundant life is not about the most toys, but a full contentment in relationship that only comes from God, regardless of the situation you presently find yourself in. And it finds its ultimate fulfillment, in eternal life in Heaven in the presence of our savior.

Speaking of the presence of God, I was talking to a friend of mine, who has been realizing the presence of God in his life. God has been doing little things, drawing him to Himself. God does so many things to show us that He is there, and that He cares for us. Sometimes we just need to slow down and think about all the ways that He has blessed us, and thank Him for that.

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1 thought on “That hole in the heart”

  1. You guys seem to have alot of knowledge. thanks for putting it in such a way that the masses can understand.

    The last time I sat still for a Sermon, and actually enjoyed it, was for my Grandfather who was a minister for 40 years. You two remind me of him.

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